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I shot this project in 2010, I love how the effect of mirroring the image creates an extra dimension which challenges the viewers perception.



Night Shift

This is a portrait project that I shot during my first year at uni. I used to work for Tesco and I had always wanted to take photos in the store, so when we received the brief I thought it was the perfect opportunity to shoot. I managed to get access during the Christmas night shifts, which meant I could make my pictures without trying to work my way around the customers as I wanted the pictures to revolve entirely around the employees and the store they work in.

All images Copyright to Joseph Jinks 2011

London Night

These photos were shot wile on a trip to London with my old college, we basically just walked around until it got dark, then carried on walking. I like London, but only in small doses.

All images Copyright to Joseph Jinks 2011


A project im currently working on

All images Copyright to Joseph Jinks 2011

The West Indies

These photos were taken around the Caribbean Islands, christmas 2009. We were on what we called ‘the last family holiday’. It made me sad to see such beautiful landscapes mixed with such poverty. This was around the height of what one taxi driver described as ‘Its Not a recession, its a depression”. I found talking to the taxi drivers was like listening to a history of each island in a journey. The majority of the main plantations e.g. sugar, banana and other fruits are owned by foreign corporations. So the local people have no foot hold in their own country.

All images Copyright to Joseph Jinks 2011

Black Down Rings

Black Down Rings is a prehistoric hill fort built around 300BC  near Loddiswell in South Devon. There isn’t anything man made left there apart from the huge hills and ditches with some massive stones. Me my girlfriend and my mate John took a trip there around Christmas 2010. The atmosphere was quite strange, we were the only people there and due to the mass amount of fog the visibility was about 20 meters. There were a few occasions when we thought we were utterly lost. I have been told that when you go there on a clear day you are able to see for miles all around, which is most likely why the location was chosen by prehistoric man for a fort.

All images Copyright to Joseph Jinks 2011

Newport Uni Garden Night

These photos were shot on my Bronica ETRsi with a 45mm lens, 400 ISO Kodak Portra. My class mates and I went down to the Uni garden at night to experiment with flash photography, while everyone was busy flashing each other i went to a dark spot and set my tripod up. I wanted to try and get the trees in the frame so I could experiment while trying to replicate my ‘John’s Garden’ images. As I recall I had the shutter open for around a minute due to the ISO being 400. so the stars have drifted.

All images Copyright to Joseph Jinks 2011

St. Josephs Market

These were shot in St. Joseph’s Market in Barcelona. Its the most amazing market I have ever been to, I recommend a visit if you are in Barca.

All images Copyright of Joseph Jinks 2011

John’s Garden

These photos came about due to my curiosity of night photography. I was fairly new to the whole concept of “Astrophotography” so I thought I should experiment with my Bronica. At the time I was staying at my friends house in Solihull, shooting a portrait project on the employees of a local Tesco during the Christmas night shifts. One night while at the house we both stepped outside for a midnight smoke and stood in awe of how beautiful the sky looked with a circular wall of winding trees surrounding us. so I began to make pictures.

All images Copyright of Joseph Jinks 2011

Dave’s Guilt

This was the first project I did, part of a first diploma in media course I studied at Stratford Upon Avon college in 2007. The title of the project was “a day in the life” so I got hold of my mate Dave. These are the only two pictures that came out well exposed. The name “Dave’s guilt” reefers to a long running joke within our circle of friends, yet some how it works with these photos.

All images Copyright of Joseph Jinks 2011